ARTIST STATEMENT - recent paintings and prints

Using both accessible and challenging printmaking processes, my recent prints explore energy, movement and light.  I have focused on the symbols of eyes, bees and radiating lines, and explore themes of outer space.  Much of the work uses basic print methods, such as image transfers and woodcut stamps.  That’s a technical thing with my work - translating simplistic processes and materials - and it's something I incorporate into my sculptures, as well. I’m strongly influenced by the Italian art movement called Arte Povera, in which everyday materials are used to create works of fine art.

I use the symbol of the eye in my work to represent both vision and protection.  I represent symbolic light radiating from groups of eyes by using lines and other circular shapes.  The clusters of eyes appear as clouds and the lines coming from them reference the brilliance of light that shines from the sun and also from within.  This way of representing light can be seen historically in spiritual works from all over the world.  I also use the shapes of circles, spirals and lines to visually translate my scientific understanding of light as both a ray (line) and as an undulating wave (emanating circles).

The works which feature bees more prominently incorporate found materials.  The pieces are about finding hexagonal shapes in everyday objects, such as a rubber floor mat or the sole of a sneaker.  I’m interested in the inter-connectedness that we have to the natural world and the fact that we unconsciously replicate geometric shapes, like the hexagon, that nature creates.  The pieces featuring bees are also influenced by the idea of colony collapse disorder: bees abandoning their hives because they cannot adapt to the sudden changes made to their environment.

The state of our environment plays a role in the works about outer space, as well.  Thinking about the scarcity of fresh water left on Earth, I was fascinated by the idea that water is found on other surfaces in our solar system.  Scientists have suggested that water on other planets could even be a sign of extraterrestrial life.  I have begun to explore Jupiter's moon, Europa, the surface of which is largely composed of water ice.  I used digital prints to create image transfers of both Jupiter and Europa.  The lines that emanate from these planets are light that reflects vision of opportunity.  I want to bring attention to our neighboring planets and the vast possibilities these celestial bodies have at an incomprehensible distance from us.  

Artist Statement - download Statement.pdf

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